Hy Loren Hair Boosting Serum for thin, sparse and brittle hair

50 ml
This gentle liquid focuses on thin and sparse hair areas and thanks to a precise calcium compound provides the hair with a powerful sense of volume.
This unique formula is rich in Hyaluronic acid that absorbs moisture and contributes to thickening of the hair from the root to the ends.
A unique combination of polymers, calcium and Hyaluronic acid compound that are absorbed in the hair fiber to protect the cuticle during powerful hair drying or hot straightening and assists in shortening the process.
The product does not contain SLS/SLES (salts that damage the hair fiber).
Precisely suited for thin and sparse hair and hair that tends to become brittle in the process of brushing or drying with a dryer/straightener.Leaves the hair soft, pleasant to touch and with a powerful shine - with no oiliness.