Quality control

Quality control in the cosmetics products production process at the A. Meshi Cosmetic Industries plant.

The A. Meshi Cosmetic Industries plant adheres to the GMP ISO 22716 standard, follows the most current and advanced European and American industry guidelines, and has been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The following procedures ensure that quality assurance at the plant is implemented in full, throughout all production stages:
  • An in-house lab is used in addition to external ones, and the results of both labs are compared
  • Microbial, chemical and physical tests are carried out on the products to prevent contaminations
  • Employees are trained for carrying out quality assurance and control at every stage of the process
  • Production, filling and packaging lines are thoroughly cleaned to prevent contaminations
  • Packaging and labels are routinely inspected
  • Quality assurance of water – ensuring use of soft water, without iron or heavy metals, at the required PH level, and implementation of microbial tests to prevent contaminations
  • We are always listening to our clients and open to their concerns. In the event of a customer complaint, the GMP standard procedures enable us to thoroughly and precisely investigate the issue, identify the problem and learn to rectify it and avoid it in future. Providing excellent customer service is among our top priorities.