Super Anti Break Bleaching Powder

500 gr
The first powder in the world to break the known laws of chemistry in hair products for decades. Mon Platin Israel Laboratories introduces the latest innovation development in the world of hair bleaching. Super Anti Break bleaching powder can create a perfect light color shade while causing 86% less damage to the hair fiber compared to bleaching
processes using traditional powder. Thanks to the advanced neosomic technology of the Anti Break Safe Guard complex, the hair doesn´t break even after a number of bleaching processes on the same day (depending on the
quality and state of the hair - in some cases up to three processes in the same day are possible,
in accordance with instructions). The meaning of this is quite simple - Today it´s possible to perform a number of hair bleaching processes in one day while paying heed to the hair´s health and reaching the desired results.
No more mixing of additional ingredients and no more worries about breaking the hair or significantly damaging the hair´s fiber. Super Anti Break Bleaching Powder is the product you´ve always dreamed of.